The proper management of the communication with the regulatory authorities and agencies is crucial to achieve companies business goals.

Thanks to an extremely deep knowledge of the political and institutional scenario where pharmaceutical companies have to deal with, SKILLPHARMA is the ideal Partner to develop together with its Customers the appropriate relationships with all the health sector stakeholders.

Thanks to its skills, SKILLPHARMA provides to:

  • monitor and analyze directions and developments of the political and institutional decision-making processes, to pinpoint and highlight the opportunities and critical issues for its Customer activities
  • establish and maintain public relations with pharmaceutical associations and with local, national and European institutions, through a correct and transparent dialogue with the decision makers
  • organize and prepare meetings with regulatory agencies, providing the proper strategies and documentation and flanking the Customers during all the accreditation processes and for all the necessary activities
  • collect and spread the updated information on the regulatory and healthcare authorities organization and functioning
  • where appropriate, ensure the submission and picking up of the documentation at local, national and European organizations
  • ensure the monitoring of the on-going procedures status