Knowledge and skills of the pharmaceutical industry and the
public administration in a single organization

We aim for technical and managerial excellence to create value
and competitive advantage over time.

SKILLPHARMA borns from a simple and functional idea:
to bring together under a single organization the skills and abilities of the pharmaceutical industry and public administration. In fact, its founding members come from long different and parallel professional experiences: one in a pharmaceutical multinational, the other at the Ministry of Health and the Italian Medicines Agency.

So we gave birth to a mix of rare effectiveness that it brought SKILLPHARMA to establish itself on the market as qualified and reliable partner, able to actively contribute, at a methodological and operational level, to the concrete and sustainable development of our Customers’ core business.

The critical ability, the knowledge of the sector and its customs, the continuous technical and regulatory updating, have made SKILLPHARMA a safe and efficient organizational solution, lthe right choice to manage your main activities with flexibility and competence. Our consulting activity is based on methodological and operational cooperation and represents the winning choice, in terms of flexibility and competence, for the development objectives of our Partners.



We aim for technical and managerial excellence to create stable value and competitive advantage over time.


We offer concrete and usable solutions, through reliable and qualified personnel, who grow up in an environment characterized by merit, respect and teamwork.


We provide development opportunities, through the integration of professional methods and operating systems, and through constant and accurate collaboration that preserves the solidity and reputation of all our Partners.